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May a lawyer simultaneously represent multiple clients with conflicting interests? Rule 1.7 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct ("Rules"), 22 N. Absent consent, when a lawyer represents a client in one matter, he may not be adverse to that client in a different matter, even if the two matters are wholly unrelated. “A lawyer who represents two or more clients shall not participate in making an aggregate settlement of the claims of or against the clients, absent court approval, unless each client gives informed consent in a writing signed by the client.” Rule 1.8(g). With respect to aggregate settlements, Rule 1.8 (g) further provides that informed client consent requires disclosure to each client of “the existence and nature of all the claims involved and of the participation of each person in the settlement.” In addition, Rule 1.8 requires that consent to the aggregate settlement be “in a writing signed by the client.” In contrast, under Rule 1.7, the requisite consent need only be “confirmed in writing,” as defined by Rule 1.0(e). The sophistication of the client is a factor in determining the effectiveness of the client’s consent. To be sure, sophisticated corporate and institutional clients can consent to conflicts which might be non-consentable in cases involving unsophisticated lay clients who are not represented by independent counsel in connection with the consent."). Under Rule 1.9, all conflicts arising out of successive adverse representation may be waived by “informed consent, confirmed in writing” by the former client. Where successive representation is permitted, Rule 1.9 requires attorneys to refrain from disclosing the confidences of their former clients or otherwise using them to the disadvantage of those clients. Moreover, information that has been disclosed to the public or other adverse parties “ordinarily will not be disqualifying.” Where a client is an organization, “knowledge of specific facts . Switching Firms Conflict issues involving successive adverse representation often arise after a lawyer switches firms and her prior law firm represented a client adverse to a current or prospective client of her new firm. Pursuant to the imputation provisions of Rule 1.10(c), “[w]hen a lawyer becomes associated with a firm, the firm may not knowingly represent a client in a matter that is the same as or substantially related to a matter in which the newly associated lawyer, or a firm with which that lawyer was associated, formerly represented a client whose interests are materially adverse to the prospective or current client, unless the newly associated lawyer did not acquire any information protected by Rule 1.6 or Rule 1.9(c) that is material to the current matter.” Lawyer’s obligations if representation is permitted and undertaken. See ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct 08 (2006); see also N. State 598 (1989) (attorney must provide "clear notice to the client of the attorney's desire to withdraw"). Rule 1.0 defines various terms used in Rules 1.7 and 1.8 as follows: Confirmed in Writing “Confirmed in writing” denotes (i) a writing from the person to the lawyer confirming that the person has given consent, (ii) a writing that the lawyer promptly transmits to the person confirming the person's oral consent, or (iii) a statement by the person made on the record of any proceeding before a tribunal. It may be easier to obtain waivers of conflicts in a non-litigation context than in the context of litigation. (“[A] lawyer may represent one client in a transaction with a concurrent client in another matter, with disclosure and informed consent, so long as a ‘disinterested lawyer would believe that the lawyer can competently represent the interests of each.’ A lawyer may also represent multiple parties in a single transaction where the interests of the represented clients are generally aligned or not directly adverse, with disclosure and informed consent, so long as the ‘disinterested lawyer’ test is satisfied. .”).1 A lawyer's possession of confidential information of one client that may be relevant to a matter the lawyer is handling for another client does not automatically create a conflict of interest. The following discussion pertains to lawyers in private practice only. This situation requires examination of the lawyer’s involvement in the prior law firm’s representation of the former client in order to determine whether the former client’s informed consent is necessary to permit the lawyer and/or her new firm to continue representing a current client or to undertake the representation of a new client. Where a successive representation is permitted, certain obligations to a former client remain. Y.2d 631, 637-38 (1998) (noting exception to client information that is generally or publicly known under former DR 5-108(A)(1).) The prohibition against use of confidential information remains fully applicable even if the lawyer is able to use the information without disclosing it to others. When a client fails to pay its legal bills, may a lawyer withdraw from the representation, and if so, how? The requirement that the client "deliberately disregard" an obligation to pay fees and expenses means that the failure must have been conscious, not inadvertent, and not de minimis in either amount or duration. In addition, when a client has a bona fide dispute with her lawyer regarding the amount of the fees due and owing, some courts have suggested that the dispute should not be regarded as a deliberate disregard of the client's obligations. Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. Youth who experience dating violence are more likely to experience the following: Additionally, youth who are victims of dating violence in high school are at higher risk for victimization during college.A 2017 CDC Report [PDF 4.32MB] found that approximately 7% of women and 4% of men who ever experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner first experienced some form of partner violence by that partner before 18 years of age. Communicating with your partner, managing uncomfortable emotions like anger and jealousy, and treating others with respect are a few ways to keep relationships healthy and nonviolent.Before taking any action, a lawyer should conduct more extensive research, consulting at a minimum relevant court decisions, the Committee’s formal opinions, and the opinions of the Professional Ethics Committees of the New York State Bar Association, the New York County Lawyers' Association, and the Nassau County Bar Association. Such waiver and consent are effective if three conditions are met: Rule 1.7(b). While the existence of the relationship is not dependent upon the payment of a fee or an explicit agreement, a party cannot create the relationship based on his or her own beliefs or actions'." Id. The second inquiry is whether the current and prior representations involve the same or a “substantially related matter.” See Rule 1.9(a), 1.9(b). Pursuant to Rule 1.9(a), where the lawyer herself has represented the former client, she may not take on the new matter unless the former client “gives informed consent, confirmed in writing.” Moreover, pursuant to Rule 1.10, Imputation of Conflicts of Interest, no lawyer associated with the conflicted lawyer may accept the engagement. Confirmation in writing must be obtained or transmitted “at the time the person gives oral consent” or “within a reasonable time thereafter.” Rule 1.0(e). 1975) ( construing the predecessor rule; the test differentiates between "lawyers who become heavily involved in the facts of a particular matter and those who enter briefly on the periphery for a limited and specific purpose relating solely to legal questions."). Select a topic, or scroll down to view the entire FAQ: Q. If these conditions are satisfied, a lawyer may simultaneously represent clients notwithstanding a conflict only if “each affected client gives informed consent confirmed in writing.” Rule 1.7(b)(4). Rule 1.8 provides an additional caveat for attorneys involved in representing multiple clients simultaneously. City 2009-6 (before binding multiple clients to an aggregate settlement, a lawyer has a nonwaivable obligation to obtain the informed consent of every affected client). 2005) (holding that an attorney has an affirmative obligation to disclose and explain a conflict and to obtain consent). City 2001-2 (“A client represented by other counsel or in house counsel in connection with the waiver may more readily comprehend the possible effects on loyalty and confidentiality of the simultaneous adverse representation. When may a lawyer represent a client with interests adverse to those of a former client? Successive representation is permitted when there is no conflict between the interests of the former and current clients (under Rule 1.9) or when written waiver of the conflict has been obtained. State 829 (oral waivers obtained before April 1, 2009 need not subsequently be confirmed in writing). The comments to Rule 1.9 explain that “[m]atters are substantially related” if they involve the same transaction or legal dispute or if, under the circumstances, a reasonable lawyer would conclude that there is otherwise a substantial risk that confidential factual information that would normally have been obtained in the prior representation would materially advance the client’s position in the subsequent matter. The comments further note that the passage of time may be relevant in determining whether matters are substantially related, as “[i]nformation acquired in a prior representation may have been rendered obsolete.” Id. relevant to the matter in question” will generally preclude representation, while “general knowledge of the client’s policies and practices” will not. A third consideration is whether the former client’s “interests are materially adverse” to those of the prospective client. Rule 1.10(a) ([w]hile lawyers are associated in a firm, none of them shall knowingly represent a client when any one of them practicing alone would be prohibited from doing so by Rule . This confirmation can take one of several forms under the rules: (i) a writing from the person to the lawyer confirming that the person has given consent, (ii) a writing that the lawyer promptly transmits to the person confirming the person’s oral consent, or (iii) a statement by the person made on the record of any proceeding before a tribunal. A “writing” under the rules denotes a “tangible or electronic record of a communication” and broadly includes “handwriting, typewriting, printing photocopying, photography, audio or video recording and email.” Rule 1.0(x). Rule 1.9(b) provides that where “a firm with which the lawyer formerly was associated had previously represented” the former client and "the lawyer had acquired” confidential information, as specified in Rule 1.6 and Rule 1.9(c), discussed supra, the lawyer may not engage in a subsequent “substantially related” and “materially adverse” representation unless the former client “gives informed consent confirmed in writing.” Moreover, where the newly-associated lawyer is barred from the representation, the lawyer's firm is too. In that connection, a number of courts and ethics opinions have found that prior to withdrawal for nonpayment of fees, a lawyer first must ask the client to honor her payment obligations and warn the client that the lawyer will withdraw unless the fees are paid.

Teens often think some behaviors, like teasing and name-calling, are a “normal” part of a relationship.

The number of incidents and the severity of the abuse increases as the relationship continues. Very few tell anyone who could help, such as a parent a teacher, a counselor, or the police.

About one in ten teen couples is affected by dating violence.

Have you been held down, shoved, pushed, hit, kicked, or had things thrown at you by your partner?

’ Does your partner make your choose between him/her or family and friends?

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